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Noxon offering EMT classes


December 7, 2017

Are you looking for something to add a little excitement to your life while helping your community? How about taking emergency medical classes or joining the ambulance?

Noxon ambulance staffers will begin teaching Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and Medical Emergency Technician (EMT) courses beginning in January. Initially, the training will be offered through Noxon Public School’s adult education series. Course material will offer students training and knowledge to better handle an emergency.

Two options will be available to attendees. The course will follow the trajectory of either a 12 week EMR or a 22 week EMT path, depending on the majority vote at the first session. Ambulance staff added that two sessions may be possible if one course could be taught during daytime hours.

Noxon ambulance is always searching for members to add to their team, but taking these courses does not require students to join. If you are interested in working with the ambulance, these classes would be helpful in obtaining a position, as well as just being prepared for any emergency situation. Ambulance member Teri Burt also stated that taking the class is not a guarantee to be accepted into the service either.

Heron, Noxon and Trout Creek are serviced by the “Community Ambulance Service of Western Sanders County, Inc.,” which is the official name of the organization. Ambulance assistants have been servicing these remote areas since 1971, and are currently aided by 12 volunteer medical attendants and drivers, and three officers.

For more information on the courses or Noxon ambulance in general, please contact any of the following members: Dan Bledsoe (847-1948), Dan Jones (847-3333), Carolyn Carter (847-0500), Teri Burt (827-4738) or Teri Wilkinson (847-5514).


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