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  • TC fish a state record

    Annie Wooden|Jul 4, 2024

    The new Montana record largescale sucker was caught right here in Sanders County. Wade Merschat of Trout Creek landed a 6.72-pound largescale sucker from the Noxon Reservoir on June 19. "The river bottom is covered with suckers right now," the 12-year-old said. "I saw the big fish, threw my line out and got the perfect drift." He said he was only using 6-pound monofilament and the fish got into some tree branches when he was reeling it in, so he had to be careful not to break the line. Merschat...

  • Artwork for CFVH nears completion

    Ed Moreth|Jul 4, 2024

    A Plains man is putting the final touches on a monument of artistry with bugs, birds and copper flower power. Several people have worked on the nine-foot tall copper willow tree, including David Williams, who is adding the several pieces to the tree before it is moved to its permanent home at Clark Fork Valley Hospital. The tree has 16 branches from 41-52 inches long with brass, copper and aluminum leaves, cut by JOM member Heather Allen. Williams heads Joint Operation Mariposa, the nonprofit...

  • Hunting guide shares tales at Paradise Center

    Shannon Brown|Jul 4, 2024

    Smoke Elser from Missoula has a story to tell. Several in fact, according to Eva Marie Maggi, who co-authored Elser's book Hush of the Land. Arnold "Smoke" Elser began his journey as guide and conservationist in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. In 1962, Elser worked as a hunting guide in the Bitterroot while attending college at the University of Montana in Missoula. Along the way he met many people and made many friends. Elser has taught packing classes at his home in Missoula. That is where Maggi...

  • Our Viewpoint

    Ed Moreth|Jul 4, 2024

    If you think Congress members have trouble cooperating with each other today, you really should read up on how one of our most beloved sacred documents was created 248 years ago. It’s a miracle that it ever got done and it’s hard to imagine there wasn’t some kind of divine intervention. Our two primary political parties today are constantly at odds with one another. The only thing they agree on is that the other one is wrong. Try to envision 13 separate entities, some with divisions within themselves, attempting to make a decision that would...

  • Montana Viewpoint

    Jim Elliott|Jul 4, 2024

    A healthy disregard of powerful government is nothing new. The United States Constitution set up the American system of government, stating what the three branches of government could do; but there was a serious objection to the Constitution being ratified by the states. It did not say what the government could NOT do, and many states were unhappy about that. Addressing this dilemma, agreement was reached that once the Constitution was ratified and the government of the United States properly...

  • Remember When?

    Sherry Hagerman-Benton|Jul 4, 2024

    6 YEARS AGO • JUNE 18, 1964 FLOOD DAMAGED ROAD REPAIR WORK STARTED Local bulldozers and operators employed by the Forest Service will begin an onslaught today to repair flood damage to the Graves and Deep Creek roads, District Ranger Irwin Puphal announced. Puphal said Jim Carrico and Dick Nichols will begin work this morning on the Graves Creek road which has 20 known washouts and the second bridge gone. In addition, much of the road’s surfacing has been washed away by side streams. Carl Hillquist is to begin work today with his dozer on the...

  • Question of the week: How do you feel about population growth in the county?

    Shannon Brown|Jul 4, 2024

    JENN ALDRICH, Thompson Falls - “I like our small towns, but it is nice to have new convenience stores such as the Family Dollar and Dollar General.” TINA GLOSSER, Thompson Falls - “The residential areas have blown up. Not great for rising property taxes. But the county is still small and probably won't see the growth like Polson, where I moved from.” ROB JUMP, Arizona - “I do a lot of traveling. I came here for a family wedding. I enjoy small towns, even with low cell phone coverage. People are friendly.” TERI HATHAWAY, Trout Creek - “I moved...

  • Justice Court

    Jul 4, 2024

    Montana Highway Patrol Calista Drake-Snyder, 26, failure to carry/exhibit proof of insurance in vehicle, 1st offense, $85; driving without a valid driver’s license, $85. Bryndal Moore, 38, seatbelt violation, $20. Dell Jones, 63, failure to carry/exhibit proof of insurance in vehicle, 1st offense, $285; seatbelt violation, $20. Willard Kelly, 83, speeding in a restricted zone, $85. Joel Varland, 57, speeding in a restricted zone, $85. Jennifer Killorn, 46, violation in a construction zone, $105. Daniel Castillo, 74, failure to obey red (stop) t...

  • Sheriff's Log

    Jul 4, 2024

    Ambulance: Plains, 7; T. Falls, 6; Trout Creek, 1; Paradise, 1; Hot Springs, 1; Heron, 1. Monday, June 24 Inmate transport, T. Falls. USFS campground check, T. Falls. Civil served, Trout Creek. USFS campground check, T. Falls. Motor vehicle crash, Trout Creek. USFS campground check, T. Falls. Civil standby, Plains. Intimidation/harassment, Plains. Request for welfare check, T. Falls. Theft, T. Falls. Intimidation/harassment, Plains. Theft, Plains. Trespass, Trout Creek. Other law violations, T. Falls. Welfare check, Hot Springs. Body found/coro...

  • Man denies probation violation allegations

    Stephanie Molzhon|Jul 4, 2024

    Appearing before Judge John Mercer on Tuesday, Michael Ellis McBride entered his general denials to allegations that he violated the terms of his probation. McBride allegedly admitted to using methamphetamine and absconded from supervision for 413 days, according to the filed affidavit in support of the revocation. McBride was on probation for charges of burglary, theft, and bail jumping, for which he was sentenced in 2010. Judge Mercer set this matter for a hearing on the merits on July 16, 2024....

  • Thompson Falls pool opens for summer season

    Skye Hill|Jul 4, 2024

    The Thompson Falls city pool is once again filled with the sounds of splashing and children's laughter after not being open last year. Open swim started the week of June 10, with swimming lessons and water aerobics following the week after. The pool opens in the morning at 8:30 a.m. with adult lap swim and adult water aerobics Monday through Friday. This is followed by swimming lessons also on the Monday through Friday schedule with level three beginning at 9:45 a.m, followed by level 2 at 10...

  • Sales bring deals, visitors

    Shannon Brown|Jul 4, 2024

    Sanders County was buzzing Friday and Saturday as hundreds of residents and visitors hit the highways for the annual Sanders Saleing county-wide yard sale event. More than 80 people registered sales for the event, traditionally held the last weekend of June and sponsored by the Thompson Falls Chamber of Commerce. Several other sales popped up throughout the county as well. Plains was buzzing on Friday and Saturday with busy yard sale traffic in and out of town. Peggy Mann, who lives on River...

  • Whatcha Readin'?

    Sunday Dutro|Jul 4, 2024

    We are officially halfway through the year, and thanks to the Thompson Falls Public Library book sale last weekend, my shelves are back to overflowing. Unfortunately, I’m not keeping up with my personal goal of reading 175 books this year. I’m currently at 80, which my tracking app tells me means I’m eight books behind; eep! Despite being behind, I managed to read 13 books in June, nine of which were four stars or better. Here they are in no particular order: Funny Story by Emily Henry is a contemporary romance that’s hilarious, hopeful...

  • Real Estate Trends

    Tina Daugherty|Jul 4, 2024

    June has been a wet, cold and windy with intermittent hot, beautiful summer days and many a rainbow! The gardening and hay seem to be suffering, but we are still very blessed to live in this gorgeous area. Also, many of the ornamental and fruit trees did not enjoy the unseasonably cold weather, dang it! The very helpful county extension agent sent out a newsletter saying not to give up on those trees. They may well come back! As to the real estate market, the inventory is thankfully climbing in all categories, typical of June in Montana. The...

  • Carl and Linda Haywood

    Jul 4, 2024

    In 1992, Carl Haywood met Linda Lou DeBlois in Spokane, where he was speaking at a geology conference. On the last day Carl called Linda, inviting her to the ball. She eagerly accepted, and went out and bought a new dress just for the occasion. They were married shortly thereafter, and in the 32 years that followed lived a wonderful life together, full of adventure and achievement. Linda was born on Oct. 25, 1946, in Lewiston to Harley DeBlois and Mildred Dover DeBlois. She had an older... Full story

  • Wanda LaRae (Bowers) Stokes

    Jul 4, 2024

    Wanda LaRae (Bowers) Stokes, 74, of Dixon, Montana, passed away on April 17 peacefully at home. Wanda was born on August 22, 1949, to Charles Seaton Bowers and Doris Wandaline (Bowers) Bennett at St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Throughout her life Wanda took on a caretaker role for all those she loved and cared about. Her family and friends often called her by her nickname Swanie. From the time she started working she worked in several restaurants and found her calling in cooking. A... Full story

  • BIRTH: Ksenia Emmarika Boxov

    Jul 4, 2024

    Family Birth Services as well as Andrey and Natalya Bokov of Trout Creek are pleased to announce the birth of Ksenia Emmarika. Born June 2, 2024, baby Ksenia weighed 8 pounds, 11.5 ounces. She is welcomed into the family by brothers Andrew and Dennis, and sister Masha. Grandparents are Mykola and Galyna Vasyanovich and Alexander and Nadezhda Bokov. Ksenia was delivered by Joyce Vogel CPM LM and Rebekah Sweet LMA....

  • BIRTH: Mary Carmen Epperson

    Jul 4, 2024

    Family Birth Services as well as Zarach and Mary Epperson of Trout Creek are proud to announce the birth of Mary Carmen. Born Sunday morning, May 19, Mary weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces. She is welcomed by her loving sisters and brothers: Bethany, Diana, Hawkins, Henry, Carrie, Katie, Jackie, Rebecca, Thomas and Victoria. Grandparents are Robert Epperson of Leakey, Texas, Yvonne Epperson of Trout Creek, and Delores Knoll of Rathdrum, Idaho....

  • Local runners compete in Missoula

    Annie Wooden|Jul 4, 2024

    Running enthusiasts from Sanders County took to the streets of Missoula on Sunday for the annual Missoula Marathon. Mike Lilly of Thompson Falls finished 129th overall in the full marathon and 19th of 100 in his age group of 30-39. He finished the 26.2-mile course in 3 hours, 31 minutes, 17.55 seconds. Thompson Falls graduate Jacob Naegeli, who now lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was 42nd in the same age group, finishing in 3:04:17.59. Marlaina Mohr, 66 of Thompson Falls, also competed in the...

  • Local grower sprouts success

    Shannon Brown|Jul 4, 2024

    For locally and naturally grown produce, the Waterway Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) roadside stand has fresh vegetables and other products available for self-serve purchases. Owner and operator Elizabeth Riffle has her farm on Fruitland Lane off highway 200. At the moment the stand has lettuce, Napa cabbage, kale, swiss chard, radishes, beets, broccoli, peas, and green onions. "Peppers will be ready by the first part of July," Elizabeth said. Her four year old granddaughter Olivia...

  • 4-H members get showmanship help

    Ed Moreth|Jul 4, 2024

    A group of 4-H kids are getting a jump on this year's showmanship competition by getting tips on how to properly present their sheep and goats at the Sanders County Fair. Juli Thurston and Raelyn Cox taught eight 4-H'ers the proper way of showing their animals at the fairgrounds last Tuesday evening. This was the first time they've held a goat showmanship clinic and though they've had clinics for sheep, it's normally held at a private residence, according to Thurston, who heads the 4-H program i...


    Ed|Jul 4, 2024

    Fifteen-year-old Parker Lind of Plains was cleaning up weeds near River Road West when he came across a baby praying mantis. Once he posed for a photo with his find, he released it in nearby bushes. The praying mantis is often used to control insect populations in gardens, but might also prey on beneficial pollinators, according to the Montana Field Guide. The eggs of a praying mantis usually start hatching in mid June and has a lifespan of 10-12 months....

  • Ramey, Mosher take lead in rainy ladies league play

    Skye Hill|Jul 4, 2024

    The ladies had another great Thursday of golf with Healy Ramey and Kayla Mosher earning the low team gross score with 109. Katie Miller and Madi Wheeler proved their skills getting the low team net score with a 77. Healy Ramey earned the individual gross score with her 47, while Kayla Mosher had the low individual net score with 35. Healy Ramey got closest to pin on No. 1, while Jeanne Holleran earned the long putt on No. 3. Katie Miller had the short drive on hole No. 4. Kelly Wheeler proved her arm earning the long putt on No. 6, while Healy...

  • Garr, Neal top for Gang

    Skye Hill|Jul 4, 2024

    It was another cloudy Monday for the Over the Hill Gang with Dave Garr earning the men’s low gross score with a 41. Jerry Neal got the men’s low net score with his 31. Rusty Haggard earned closest to pin in two on No. 10, while Ron Beaty got the closest to pin on No. 14. Mike Normandin also had the closest to pin on hole No. 17. Roger Webster proved his arm by getting the long putt on No. 11, with David Tallant earning the long putt on No. 12, and Wally Gibe getting the long putt on No. 13. Jesse Mack got the long drive on hole No. 15, whi... Full story

  • Wild Coyote howls to win in scramble

    Skye Hill|Jul 4, 2024

    The Wild Coyote team (David Petteys, Mike Normandin, Howard Morkert, Gary Thompson, and Ben Mummert) won the men’s league fun night scramble with a 30. RT Brown earned the long putt on hole No. 3, while Bruce Sterling had a chip-in on No. 18....

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