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James Kent Sinclair


March 15, 2018


James Kent Sinclair, 62, took his first breath in Heaven at 8:00pm on Thursday, March 8th, 2018, at his beloved cabin at Glacier Bible Camp in Hungry Horse, MT. Jim passed peacefully and pain free, after doing one of his favorite things, working at camp. He took his last breath on earth as he was holding hands with his bride of 43 years, Renee'.

Jim was born November 2, 1955 to Clarence and Ruth Sinclair (Beddingfield) in Medford, Oregon. Jim's early life was full of cap guns, baseball, hunting, and mowing lawns. One of the very best days of his childhood is when he met his Sonk, Jim (Jimmer) Weeks, over a ditch in a field the two became fast friends that collected butterflies and tromped the fields of Eagle Point together. Jim and Jimmer attended high school together playing baseball and being the quintessential country boys of their time. Jimmer's family invited Jim to church when he was nine, Jim would be sure all his chores were done and would run to the end of the driveway to wait for his ride, there his faithful church attendance began. At 14, both boys were at a summer camp that would change their lives and they both accepted Jesus as their savior.

A particular message was preached at Jim's small church in Shady Cove, "pray for the most unlikely person you can think of to come to church", he picked a girl named, Renee' from his school. Much to his surprise, the next week she came, and he was smitten. Jim was incredibly shy but finally asked her for a date. The two dated through high school, then married on April 10, 1973 with their best friend, Jimmer by their side.

Jim and Renee' began their life at Bible College living on spaghetti O's and learning about Jesus. They returned to the home town Shady Cove to work at their church, leading worship, playing the guitar and faithfully caring for the widows of the church with rides, food and fire wood. Jim was the first at church to start the fire and the last to leave so that he could shut it down. This ethic and dedication grew with him as he grew. Jim and Renee's three girls were born while they were living in Shady Cove, Amy, Krista and Rena. The family enjoyed church activities and Jim and Renee's competitive softball league. Their team, the River Rats, were well known for their love of Jesus and the Big Tomato (Jim), with his double plays with Jimmer and hitting it over the fence.

In 1991, Jim heard God's call and he and Jimmer began to travel looking for where God was leading, after a week, the hunt ended in Plains, MT. The families moved and flourished in the small town. Jim became the pastor of Plains Assembly in 1996, the destiny God had for him was revealed. Jim was known for his community heart, he began a clothing bank, soup kitchen, wood ministry and food bank. In 2000, Jim was called to build his "Ark", he began construction on a church building that was too big and too expensive for the area, but he knew God had spoken. No stranger to ridicule or people's opinions, day after day he built. As was his belief, "if it's going to be a bear, it might as well be a Grizzly." Today, that church is full and a focal point of God's goodness to the many that attend. Find a need and fill it, find a heart and heal it was an anthem Jim lived by. In 2004 Jim traveled to Togo, Africa to help construct a school and retuned in 2008 with his wife to continue construction of the Bible college. In 2012, Jim traveled to Fiji to build a saw mill and teach islanders how to harvest timber, forever changing the economy and shelter on the Fijian island. In 2015, he traveled with his good friend Lance to San Salvador to work on Maranatha School and retuned in 2017 with his wife and granddaughter, Kelsey, to build homes for villagers there. In 2018, Jim was overwhelmed as he and his wife were named, Montanan's of the week for their community dedication and a summary of their story was read into the congressional record.

Some of the highlights of Jim's life were his family, especially his grandkids. Coyote hunting, playing music, basketball, baseball, Magruder trail rides, the annual church camp out and Wolf Lodge. Beyond that, Jim loved the church, he believed a heart that beat for Jesus was a heart that would want to be in his house. He didn't have a give up button, he always found the best in people and would help anyone. He helped many homeless, chemically dependent and destitute. He would say, they just need someone to believe in them, so he did.

Jim is survived by his beloved, Renee. Daughters, Amy Browne (Chris), Krista Standeford (Chuck) and Rena Garcia (Aaron). His grandchildren were the brightest spot in his life, he loved them all dearly. Hayley and Emma Browne, Kelsey, Kaylah and Darren Standeford, Christian, Alyson and Parker Garcia. He was proud of Hayley's independence and leadership, Emma's tenacity and courage, Kelsey's strength and voice, Kaylah's servitude and grace, Bud Bud's baseball and heart. Christian's perseverance and music, Alyson's sweet heart and cheer, and Parker... Parker, the youngest, could always make him laugh.

He is survived by countless nieces and nephews, brothers in Christ and friends that were like family, and those close to his Church on the Move family.

A celebration of life will be held, Friday, March 16, at 6 p.m. at The Plains high school gymnasium.

In lieu of flowers, Jim would ask you to find Jesus, hold tight to him and grow. That's his dream for you, his dream for this world. Pray the prayer that changed his life, go to,, click on finding Jesus with Jim, the world is your mission filed, make a difference, the time is now.


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