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Question of the Week

Do you think students should go to school year-round?


DENNIS BECKER, Thompson Falls, – “When I was in school, I always liked having the

summer off.”

AVIS GOFORTH, Trout Creek – “No. I don’t think so. I think they need a break.”

ROBERT FLANSASS, Trout Creek – “No, There’s plenty of time when they are older to work all year round. The kids need time off in the summer.”

HUNTER BORGMANN, Thompson Falls – “No, because they won’t have any friends and it will make it harder to connect with friends in the fall.”

RAY BROWN, Thompson Falls – “I actually think they should. I think it would help their academic performance, it will be easier on parents to not have to arrange for child supervision and the kids would have longer breaks.”

ROBERT BONNEY, Thompson Falls – “Yes, kids should go to school year round. The kids will get a better education, get more chances to get more scholarships and go on to college.”


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