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Students take science skills to Silverwood


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SCREAMING FOR SCIENCE - Thompson Falls High School students measure g-force on a roller coaster at Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho during a physics day event.

Thompson Falls High School physics students put their skills to the test last week at Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho. The students, from Doree Thilmony's physics class, competed with other high schools in the contests for measurement and roller coaster building.

The measurement contest consisted of measuring applied physics to amusement park rides. Students were required to determine g-force on roller coasters, as well as centripetal acceleration and tangential velocity, speed, and other measurements. The teams with the closest values won the contest. They also built roller coasters with specific turns and loops, each with different point values, along with timing the coaster's ride length. The Thompson Falls roller coaster building team took first place, and the measurement team finishing in the top 10. Overall, the Thompson Falls Physics students finished ninth.

Students competing for Thompson Falls this year included Jase Sorenson, Wilson Sorenson, Kole Stone, Nathan Burwig, Peyton Irvine, Chiron Burns, Madison McKenzie, Kyran Kenison and Tyler McGaughey.


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