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T. Falls music teacher moving on, leaving a legacy


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MUSIC MAN – Adam Craw is resigning from teaching at Thompson Falls Schools. He spent five years inspiring others to share his love of music.

If you can joyously move to the rhythm of life, nothing will ever bring you down. Adam Craw has single handedly opened his melodious heart and blessed the area with the awakening of music. Craw has announced that the time has come for him to move forward, in hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming a producer.

For the last five years, Craw has made many changes not limited to the school music program, but within the community as well. Through music, he has created a connection between all residents of Sanders County, spanning through all ages.

"We have become known, 'unofficially,' as the best pep band in the area," Craw said with a grin while adding that his decision to allow adults to play in the pep band has been nothing short of amazing. The modernization of the band has featured a guitar and included singing to more current tunes in contrast to the typical '50s style music usually associated with pep bands. Pushing the boundaries where one would expect to see a pep band play, Craw lit-up the atmosphere at football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, cross country and soccer games.

Craw feels one of the most important traits of teaching music is "building a bridge between the young and old." This was the basis of why he chose to perform with the students at concerts, talent shows and community performances. "There needs to be a student-teacher connection, to let them know you were like them once."

According to Tyler McGaughey, recent Thompson Falls graduate, "We shared a lot of good memories together." Within the last year the two spent a lot of time in Craw's office recording an album. "He has become a friend as well as a great teacher," McGaughey said of Craw. "He's taught me everything I know about music." A good teacher inspires others. And with that, McGaughey will be attending college to become a music teacher, following in his mentor's footsteps.

Craw will be remembered as the teacher dedicated to exposing small-town kids to culture. He took students on trips to Spokane and Seattle to show them what the outside world is like. The symphony was always a highlight on these trips and one Craw is most proud of. "Most of these kids have never been to a symphony, hopefully they are more likely to do it again," he said.

As all good things must come to an end, so the saying goes, Craw's time at Thompson Falls has ended. "I have the full support of my wife, making this possible," he stated with recognition for her support and realization that it is time to move on.

The Craw family is headed to "Music City" where Adam will be attending Blackbird Academy, Professional School of Audio, in Nashville for six months. The academy is directed by John McBride, country musician Martina McBride's husband. In addition to being in the McBride's presence, Craw will also receive instruction from Tim McGraw and Sheryl Crow just to name a few.

After completing his course work, he has a plan A, B and C. Plan A is to become a producer, B is to write songs, and C is to perform. With that, Craw admits his future is uncertain, but working with anything related to music will suffice.

"I am going to miss the heck outta small town Montana," he said with a heavy heart, admitting that he will probably breakdown crying when driving through Nebraska on his way to Tennessee. He made it very clear that he thoroughly enjoyed his time teaching and working with the staff and students in Thompson Falls. "I am really going to miss the kids, the relationships I have made, and the personal level I have made with friends."

"I look forward to the opportunity to prove myself. The last five years in Thompson Falls has given me the confidence to do so, the community has given me confidence," Craw said with faith. "I have always wanted this, I have always doubted myself and given up. But not this time."


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