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September 13, 2018

In rural areas, finding volunteers for any event or organization is a challenge. When you get people to participate, keeping them is sometimes even harder.

The efforts of first responders are sometimes taken for granted, but we want them all to know we appreciate them. Recently we’ve seen and heard some instances of vehicles not pulling over for first responders. Not only is it a courtesy, but it’s a law.

Many of our roads are narrow and winding, and there aren’t ideal places to pull off of the road when encountering an ambulance, fire or police vehicle. If there isn’t ample room to pull over, slow down so the first responders can get around you.

In an area where you can easily be an hour from a hospital, we appreciate the first responders who continue to sacrifice time with their families to help keep everyone safe. The least we can do is offer the road so they can safely make it to and from calls.


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