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Question of the Week

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?


September 27, 2018

CHARLES OXFORD, Thompson Falls – “Several things. I like the turning of the trees and brush. The summer heat is gone and the cool nights begin so I can sleep. Baseball season ends and football begins.”

JERRIE REICHERT, Thompson Falls – “The number one thing is that football season begins. I’m a Green Bay Packer fan even though I moved away from Wisconsin when I was 3.”

MARTHA OLSON, Thompson Falls –“I love the Fall colors and fresh air. Whenever it gets cool enough, the leaves turn colors. I can’t handle extreme cold or extreme heat.”

MAGGIE McGILLIS, Thompson Falls – “I like cool weather. I like the different smells of Fall. I like that the kids are back in school and we can go to all their games.”

ABBY HARNETT, Thompson Falls – “My favorite part about Fall are the changing colors and the cooler weather. I like the football season and my husband likes the Dallas Cowboys.”

JACKIE NICHOLS, San Diego and Thompson Falls – “I love it here because it’s colorful. In San Diego, we have no Fall so I come up here to get the best of summer and the beauty of Fall. “


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