Brooker's service to county appreciated


October 11, 2018

Years ago, voters in Sanders County passed an initiative that all elected county positions are to be non-partisan. We note that Carol Brooker has been endorsed by members of all major parties. We appreciate Carol Brooker’s service to Sanders County for many reasons; including but not limited to:

1. Her experience and knowledge of the county

2. Representing the county at MACO (Montana Association of County Officials) and dealing with County and State matters

3. Her neutrality in dealing with people and issues

4. She supports keeping all federal lands belonging to the people to be held by the people

5. Her campaign expenses are spent within the county which supports local businesses

6. She listens with concern to her fellow citizens and their issues.

We hope you will join us in voting to re-elect Carol Brooker for Commissioner.

Tobo and Rusti Leivestad, Thompson Falls


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