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We don't need to be perfect


October 11, 2018

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke.

I suspect that if we individually, and as a nation, continue to attack the personal lives of other people (which I believe falls under one of the definitions of gossip) then “good men” and women will no longer feel the liberty to speak up and prevent evil from triumphing.

Just because you don’t agree with someone’s position doesn’t necessarily give you a valid reason to try to bring to light “information” that would humiliate them and their families, and destroy their reputation and credibility in the community they now live in. I am not talking about national politics. That is a problem in an entirely different league. I’m referring to people in our community who have generously given of their time, talents and money (often very anonymously) to help people in this community in many ways.

I read one time (true or not) that the reason Colin Powell gave for not running for president was that he didn’t want to subject his family to the scrutiny that would ensue.

A classic movie plot (decades ago) was the kind, generous, benefactor who was a former ax murderer (or worse). The crime came to light. The person was reviled. But ultimately, people saw the good in them, and forgiveness prevailed.

I think the point is that we don’t need to be perfect for some of our opinions to have validity, or some of our actions to be beneficial to humanity.

I am saddened that someone who usually works hard to bring compromise, unity, and reason to our communities took a stance to attack the personal opinion of someone who had the courage to write how they feel. We need people of courage – on both sides of EVERY issue. Please don’t attack so that people will choose not to speak out. On the next issue, you may need that person’s support. Just because you disagree now, doesn’t mean you will next time.

Fiona Walker, Thompson Falls


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