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Blackstone is spot on


February 7, 2019

I feel the need to express how much I enjoy the bi-weekly columns written by Blaine Blackstone. The topic and content of his January 31 commentary was spot on. When we are being daily bombarded with unsubstantiated rhetoric from our biased press, his viewpoint is a breath of fresh air. I find it amazing that our congressional leaders, Speaker of the House Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and Senate Minority Leader Schumer have a total of two years work experience between the three of them. Senator McConnell did work two years for a law firm in Kentucky after failing in his first attempt for public office. Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi never had any job after college outside of politics. Blaine’s point that there is no substitute for experience and that experience gives insight and knowledge could not be made any clearer than by the antics of our arrogant, inexperienced in the real world, career politicians. They are not leaders but herders of human sheep, and enabled by media sheepdogs.

Thanks Blaine for sharing your real-world experience, and thanks to the Ledger for making it possible.

Don Manning,

Trout Creek


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