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Enough is enough


Mr. Blackstone:

Please, please STOP IT! Enough is enough!

To imply Mr. Trump’s constant lying, name-calling, bullying, and history of infidelity is OK because some Democrats have been accused of/guilty of similar misdeeds is unbelievable (Remember Bill Clinton was impeached). Your backwards reasoning reminds me of my brother when he was 5, “But Mom, Jimmy did it first! Mikey lied too.” Weren’t we all supposed to grow-up somewhere along the way?

We should all be proud of the Democratic-led Congress for acknowledging the need for an Anti-Hate Resolution, creating one and passing it 407-22 in response to inappropriate comments and conduct from their own party members. Specifically, it denounces Anti-Semitism, Anti-Muslim bigotry and discrimination against other marginalized minorities. In counties where Trump has had a rally, hate crimes more than doubled.

To repeat Mr. Trump’s claim of total exoneration in the Mueller investigation is not only a prime example of blind, partisan, misguided loyalty but it is blatantly false. Mueller said in fact, “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it does not exonerate him.” Mr. Mueller’s Investigation has indicted, convicted or received guilty pleas from 34 individuals and 3 Companies. It was proven that Russia did in fact endeavor to manipulate our election in Trump’s favor through many social media venues.

America’s historic reputation of exceptionalism, belief in our unparalleled leadership, and the respect we have earned for our American values are all in a fast, downward spiral. Our foreign policy is chaotic if not non-existent. Our allies are dumbfounded and worried. Every day the anger and divisiveness in our own country grows. And you, Mr. Blackstone, are cheerfully contributing to that hateful polarization.

I believe an American President should radiate strength, honesty, trustworthiness, leadership, intelligence, fairness and common goodness. Is that what you hear and see when you watch Mr. Trump at one of his infamous rallies?

As a former Republican, I can only hope those honest Republicans untarnished by Trumpism can successfully produce a strong candidate to challenge Trump/Pence in 2020. The future of the Republican Party depends on it. The future of our Democracy demands it.

Kris Anderson,

Thompson Falls


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