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Got junk? County yard sale event set


Lucky number 13 will be celebrated this year as the annual Sanders County Yard Sale Event (SCYSE) will once again take place on June 28 and 29.

Those who want to participate and reap the advertising benefits of the SCYSE are required to register by June 10. Applications can be found at, by emailing [email protected] or by calling event coordinator Robin Hagedorn at 827-2991 (leave a message if necessary).

There are two levels of sponsorship participants can apply for: Patron for $50 or Business for $100. For both levels, fees are applied to create four large posters to be placed at various locations advertising your sale, the ability to host your own sale without additional costs or to donate the registration to a nonprofit, a location link including information on your sale on the SCYSE website and automatic thank you recognition in the Sanders County Ledger following the event.

The additional Business level funds goes towards promoting the business in the news media outlet via press release. The business name will also receive bolded font when listed in the thank you recognition.

“We want people to understand the money (registration fees) is spent to advertise in Spokane, Kalispell and Missoula,” Hagedorn stated, adding Clark Fork, Idaho in the mix also. By including Idaho, Washington and western Montana, she hopes to “bring in outside traffic not only for the weekend, but hopefully they will come back.” Having visitors in the county increases profits for all business in the area, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

“This event offers great promotional benefits for sponsors while supporting a group working to improve the county’s economy,” reads the SCYSE flier. It is also expected that over $40,000 will exchange hands in yard sales alone. This figure does not include lodging, dining, fuel, and other business-related economic interactions.

Hagedorn invites everyone to participate in the event. Businesses, non-profits, clubs, large or small groups, and local individuals are all welcome to host a sale. To make a sale successful, yard sale enthusiasts recommend knowing what your goal is prior to beginning. There are usually two ways to view a sale, your looking to get rid of as much as possible, or your trying to make some money.

First, go through your entire house and locate everything you can or want to part with. Nothing is out of the question; people like to fix things or might be looking for that special item to complete a craft project. Just be sure it is in clean condition.

When deciding on prices, remember your purpose for the sale. Lower prices may result in you ridding of merchandise faster, though with less financial return. Decide if you are willing to take time negotiating. If so, adjust prices accordingly, but remember that pricing items too high may turn off potential buyers.

Since SCYSE coordinators are already taking care of making signs and spreading the word, focus on something that makes your yard sale different from the rest. Perhaps you are selling items that are ordinary, or in high demand. Let this be known in your advertisement.

Other ways to make a good sale are offering to deliver large items to the buyer (they may even be willing to pay a reasonable delivery fee), team up with neighbors or club members, provide a warm and friendly environment, engage the youngsters in providing a lemonade and cookie stand and offer water for pets if it is a hot day.

To keep everything moving like a well-oiled machine, have a calculator, pencil, paper, markers, scissors, tape, price stickers, bags, hangers, cash box and plenty of change-making currency for all the sales you’re going to have.


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