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Sheriff's Log


Ambulances: Noxon, 4; T. Falls, 11; Plains, 5; H. Springs, 1.

Sunday, May 26

Family civil dispute, Noxon.

Sexual assault, Noxon.

Abandoned vehicle, Deer Run and Hwy. 200, T. Creek.

Disturbance, possible assault, T. Falls.

Welfare check requested, Hwy. 28, H. Springs.

Monday, May 27

Theft at Conoco, T. Falls.

Welfare check requested, Plains.

Disturbance, Plains.

Coroner requested, T. Creek.

Civil standby requested, Plains.

Concern for animal welfare, Dixon.

Theft at Paradise boat launch.

Domestic disturbance, T. Creek.

Landlord/tenant dispute, civil standby requested, T. Falls.

Motor vehicle crash, Hwy. 200, Heron.

Tuesday, May 28

Motor vehicle crash, H. Springs.

Welfare check requested, H. Springs.

Concern for animal welfare, H. Springs.

Motor vehicle crash at Thompson Falls High School

Disturbance, Plains.

Wednesday, May 29

Traffic complaint, Hwy. 200, Paradise.

Fire, Willow Lane and Hwy. 200, T. Creek.

Thursday, May 30

Assault, H. Springs.

Disturbance, Plains.

Disturbance, T. Creek.

Burglary of a residence along Hwy. 28, H. Springs.

Fire, E. side of 20 Odd, T. Creek.

Coroner requested, T. Falls.

Partner/family member assault, H. Springs.

Civil standby requested, T. Falls.

Parking problem, Plains.

Violation of protection order, Noxon.

Friday, May 31

Stray/lost animal, Plains.

Burglary, Heron.

Concern for animal welfare, Plains.

Welfare check requested, H. Springs.

Disturbance at Noxon business.

Burglary, T. Falls.

Intimidation/harassment, H. Springs.

Nuisance animals, T. Falls.

Saturday, June 1

Livestock on Hwy. 200, Dixon.

Abandoned vehicle, Pine Tree Lane and Hwy. 200, T. Creek.

Animal issue, Plains.

Disturbance, H. Springs.

Motorist assist, Hwy. 200, T. Falls.

Intimidation/harassment, T. Falls.

Welfare check requested, T. Falls.

Threats/intimidation, Plains.

Disturbance, Eddy Flat.

Assault, T. Creek.

Concern for child welfare, H. Springs.


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