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Justice Court

Before Justice of the Peace Doug Dryden


Montana Highway Patrol

Holly Rose-Prosise, 34, driving without a valid driver’s license, $285.

Michael Lyzer, 62, truck day speeding, $55.

Jeffrey Trump, 28: failure to carry proof of insurance, owner or operator, 1st offense, $75; driving a motor vehicle while privilege is suspended or revoked, 1st offense, $85; seatbelt violation, $20.

William Cain, 57, careless driving, $85.

Debra Mills, 59, day speeding, $120.

Spencer Bringhurst, 43, day speeding, $70.

Vidya Canchi, 27, reckless driving, 1st offense, $185.

Paul Rokusek, 32, night speeding, $120.

Carol Norris, 69, speeding in a restricted zone, $55.

James McCord, 43, speeding in a restricted zone, $105.

James Milleson, 65, speeding in a restricted zone, $135.

James Compton, 73, operating with expired registration, $45.

Richard Day, 44, day speeding in an urban district, $20.

Sariena Hall, 28, seatbelt violation, $20.

Paula Ivy, 59, speeding in a restricted zone, $55.

Paul Molzhon, 29, seatbelt violation, $20.

Carl Prinzing, 72, day speeding, $70.

Theresa Sink, 48, speeding in a restricted zone, $55.

Stephanie Totzauer, 30, seatbelt violation, $20.

James Harper, 39, day speeding, $120.

Shawnna Mckinney, 49, day speeding, $20.

Anneliese Feiler, 22, driving under the influence of alcohol, 1st offense, $685 plus one day jail.

Shailee Courville, 18, seatbelt violation, $20.

Scott Gilberti, 36, day speeding, $20.

Katherine Houle, 28, day speeding, $20.

MT Dept. of Transportation

Michael Crockett, 35, failure to follow conditions and requirements of special permit, $135.

John Snell, 65, failure to register out of state motor vehicle when used for hire or person gainfully employed in Montana, $85.

Jimmie Oneill, 56, exceeding the max gross weight allowed any group of axles, $285.

Gene Lowder, 58, operating over dimension vehicle on highway without special permit, $85.

Sanders County Sheriff’s Office

Christopher Jones, 23, operating without liability insurance, 3rd offense, $135.

Robert Tibbetts, 30, day speeding, $70; operating without liability insurance in effect, 1st offense, $85.

Christopher Nielsen, 18, basic rule, reasonable and prudent, 1st offense, $85.

Fredrick Williams, 65, day speeding, $120.

Jeremy White, 23, speeding in a restricted zone, $65.

Brandon Blackmore, 36, speeding in a restricted zone, $55.

Adam Hetchler, 30, operating a vehicle that has not been properly registered, $75; driving while privilege is suspended or revoked, 1st offense, $285 plus two days jail; operating without liability insurance, 4th or subsequent offense, $525.

Plains Police Department

Elizabeth Mott, 63, failure to carry proof of insurance in vehicle, owner or operator, 2nd offense, $85.


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