Fourth-quarter honor roll announced


Noxon Junior High

The students who earned honor roll for the seventh grade are Kenya Brubaker and Martha Klaus. Honorable mention went to David Ehinger.

The eighth-grade honor roll included Avery Burgess and Megan Ehinger.

Noxon High School

The freshmen students who made the honor roll are Rachel Ehinger, Kylee Erwin, Vanessa Horner, Jaedyn Murray, Gunnar Swanson and Cade Van Vleet. The students who earned honorable mention were Nate Cano, Connor Dogan, Sharon Habegger, Wyatt Lackner, Shane Reishus, Riley Richter and Gabriella Stough.

Sophomores earning a spot on the honor roll included Lane Hill, Ezabella Lampshire, Madylyn Menzel, Alex Shull and Jared Webley. Sophomore Josh Baldwin earned honorable mention.

The junior class honor roll included Michael Antonich, Jenna Freeman, Brittany Hagen, Ethen Krueger, Shelby Lackner, Elizabeth Lampshire, Frida Rivera, William Ryan, Alivia Hill and Ryan Weltz. Honorable mention went to Chloe Scarlett.

Senior students who earned honor roll are Madison Koonce, Kristina Brown, Owen Fisher and Kali Murray. Honorable mention went to Alex Currie.

Washington State University

From Plains, Shayna Nagy earned a spot on the President’s Honor Roll list.

Alana Lackner, from Noxon, also earned a spot on the President’s Honor Roll.


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