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Question of the Week

Should a citizenship question be added to the U.S. Census?


JOEL WHITE, Trout Creek — “Of course! It’s our census. Not the world census.”

SUE MARSH, Thompson Falls — “Yes. I think it‘s important to know just who is living here.”

KEN DRAHOS, Thompson Falls — “Absolutely! Because people should be or become citizens.”

TRACY VANICEK, Thompson Falls — “Yes, because there are just too many issues on that particular subject right now. And, who is to say they are going to answer honestly?”

STEVE VINCENT, Trout Creek ­­— “Yes. It has always been that way forever. They should have left it alone.”

KATHY HASSAN, Trout Creek — “100% in favor of asking their citizenship. It shouldn’t have been an issue. The Obama Administration removed the question in the 2010 Census. It is now because the Democrats just want to make things hard for President Trump. We back him all the way.”


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