LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Telling fish stories


August 15, 2019

I would like to thank Jay Simons for all the years of service to this community. And where the heck was I last week when you asked for our best fish stories for the question of the week, I have some fantastic fish stories. The one I need to tell you does not involve big fish or lots of action. In 1968, when I was 18, a couple of buddies and I went out to my dad's fish house on Spring Lake, near Prior Lake, Minnesota, to catch our limit of Sunnies. As I was falling asleep on the top bunk, I tied my fishing line to my finger. A short while later a little tug on my line woke me up. I felt sick and woke my friends up to discover that we were being poisoned by unburned propane fumes. A 5 ounce sunfish saved the lives of 3 Minnesota boys. Now I am not the kind of guy that puts much stock in blind faith. So, this all was probably just a coincidence. It was also probably a coincidence that immediately after my mother died a young osprey circled around me 3 times at a distance of about 25 feet, looking directly at me and flexing it's talons. Many unexplained things happen to us during our short stay here. The one I am really curious about though is, was it just a coincidence that a little songbird momentarily landed on Bernie Sanders podium in Oregon during the primaries in 2016. Did that little birdie have something to say or is it all fake news?

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Rob Kjos,



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