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Thanksgiving wine pairings, from appetizers to dessert


November 14, 2019

Selecting the type of wine to compliment your Thanksgiving meal can be a daunting task. This meal is the culinary pinnacle of the whole year, it’s no wonder trying to appeal to each guest’s individual taste can be a stressful endeavor. Some may even argue that one of the more important constituents to the Thanksgiving feast is the wine.

You may be asking yourself, “why bother with trying to choose the right wine pairings?” Well, the right blends, flavor notes and tannins all have the ability to bring out even the most subtle flavor distinctions in your food, turning your meal from a classic Thanksgiving dinner to an extraordinary feast. While turkey can easily be paired with either a red or a white, the real challenge comes when you are trying to pick the right bottle to compliment the array of dishes that will adorn your dinner table come the big day. You can easily opt for one wine to carry you through the entire meal, or you can choose several different wines that will cater to all aspects of the meal as well as everyone’s palate.

Starting the night out with a sparkling wine will put everyone in the celebratory mood. As guests start to arrive, pair a prosecco or a brut champagne with your cheese or salty appetizers. Sparkling wines can also fall under the dessert course as well. White wines deliver a refreshing, fruity flavor, making them excellent for pairing with salads and lighter sides. Red wines carry the full body robust flavor that can handle the hardiness of a full Thanksgiving meal.

PINOT NOIR A Thanksgiving favorite. The undertones of this choice make it a best friend to the stuffing and the turkey. Works well with both dark and light meat. It will also accentuate the taste of the cranberries.

ZINFANDEL A heartier wine that can accommodate the traditional side dish flavors. It also pairs well with not only turkey, but any other meat you may be serving.

RIESLING The go-to white for the Thanksgiving meal. Can be served with salad and lighter sides. The hint of sweetness in this choice also compliments sweeter dishes such as sweet potatoes and cranberry sauces.

PINOT GRIGIO A high demand white because of its capability to handle intense onion and garlic flavors. Since this wine is fairly acidic, it pairs extremely well with fish and seafood, for those who like to offer that alternative.

ROSE An alternative if you can’t choose between white and red. This diverse option is best served chilled, and can be paired with your cheese board, salad course, and even a fish course.

SPARKLING Whether it’s champagne or prosecco, this is a great way to start the evening. Serve with any appetizers or as a palate cleanser for the main meal.


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