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Polite communication needed


December 5, 2019

Oh my goodness, the TV does not work this morning. Signal loss due to weather. I suspect it is upset at me for accusing it of spying on me. No news today. Like most of you out there, I have already formed an opinion about current events anyway. I just need the news to reinforce what I already think.

At least we get to learn some words we have not heard much before. One of my favorites is oligarch. I could not help but picture those short, round people with pantaloons on, dancing around the stage in The Wizard of Oz. Eventually I had to ask Mr. Webster of his opinion and "an oligarchy is a form of government in which supreme power is restricted to a few persons." Well, if money is power most stats would say we are approaching an oligarchy here in this country. Now I am picturing short, round, cheerful people dancing around the White House.

Actually I have been trying to take Kathleen Williams's advice to heart (an excellent representative, by the way. Look at her record). To engage in real, polite, dialogue with people whether I agree with them or not. I had to put down my cell phone to do it! It seems that most people do not have an opinion or would rather not give it.Those who agree with me are usually eager to trash the others, and those who disagree are getting a little more hostile. I see an opportunity out there for communication educators. We could also discuss duck hunting.

Rob Kjos, Heron


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