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Question of the Week

What political race will you be watching closely this year?


January 23, 2020

IRVIN RAY, Heron – “All of it. I have got my eyes on it no doubt.”

CODY BEST, Thompson Falls – “I really would watch all of them. All from the top down are important. The local ones can be the most important.”

GLORIA MEAGHER, Thompson Falls – “I will be watching the Republican.”

JIM MORKERT, Trout Creek – “There’s several of them. I guess either presidential or Montana Senate, well, both of them.”

JEREMIAH MOYER, Trout Creek – “Just the presidential race really. I will be watching President Trump be reelected.”

TRISTAN TAYLOR, Trout Creek – “The presidential. I am really hoping for Trump or any Republican to be elected.”


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