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Super Sunday should be Super Saturday


January 30, 2020

We have to admit, we've been planning our snacks for the Super Bowl since before we knew who would be playing this weekend. Super Bowl Sunday is big business for the cities that host the big game (this year it's in Miami), and also for communities across the country.

According to an article in Produce Retailer, 65 million avocados were sold in the days leading up to last year's NFL championship game. Some of the TV sales we've seen are better than you get with Black Friday deals.

It's one of the busiest Sundays in the United States. And according to a 2019 study by Kronos, an estimated 17.2 million Americans could not show up for work the Monday after the Super Bowl, and another 22 million may go in late, leave early, or just work from home.

For the sake of productivity, the NFL championship should be moved to Saturday. Give everyone a chance to recover from the carb load of cheese dip and chips. It's our prediction that at least the first hour of next Monday is spent talking about the commercials, and then additional time to critique the game.

Super Bowl Saturday has just as nice a ring to it as Super Bowl Sunday, your kids will get to sleep on time and the world can go back to having a case of the Mondays that week.


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