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Columnist strikes a cord


March 19, 2020

Response to Blackstone

Maybe because I’m pretty much home-bound because of the coronavirus, or maybe because he struck a cord – and possibly both, I must respond to Blaine Blackstone’s epistle about Chuck Schumer’s comments.

I wish that Schumer hadn’t apologized on his blasting of the Supreme Court Justices about their taking on abortion cases. There appears to be a concerted effort to chip away at Roe vs Wade – a decision that protected a women’s right to privacy concerning a decision to terminate a pregnancy. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh were put in place by a Senate majority of Republicans – a majority of only two or three votes and their credentials were dubious. The fact that they chose to hear this case is telling. They intend to weaken Roe vs Wade. Ultimately, it will be left to Roberts to break the tie between the justices, who will no doubt be split by those appointed by Republicans vs Democrats. I can easily predict how the women on the court will vote.

So, I don’t get your anger. You state that while you are pro-life, you understand that people can indeed have their back against a wall and that you are in no position to judge. So don’t judge – and don’t leave that decision to a man on the supreme court. This is a decision that is between a woman and her doctor and whomever else she chooses – as ultimately, she will face the consequences. I feel that anybody else is “outside their dominion and is pandering to their constituency for political gain” (your words).


Lynne Rosdahl Dickman,

Thompson Falls


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