ELECTION 2020: Plains School Board

Candidates for one 1-year term. Voters will cast a ballot for one of the three candidates on May 5.


NAME: Amy Schrenk

OCCUPATION: Customer Service Representative-USFS

1. What is unique about you that would benefit the school board?

The combination of my experience in customer service and being a member of a National Incident Management Team where I work on emergency incidents throughout the United States. During these incidents, I communicate with people from diverse backgrounds to make decisions in time compressed situations. I believe these experiences prepare me for the decisions that lie ahead of the Plains school board.

2. What do you think makes a school board successful?

The ability to effectively communicate, resolve conflicts when necessary, and most importantly, to make decisions in the best interest of our students.

3. What is your vision for education in your community?

For our students to have the best resources available and for the administration and teachers to implement innovative education programs to stay ahead of the evolving education system. I want our education system, and the Plains School District, to be something that our community is proud of.

4. What are the current challenges facing education and school boards?

After serving six months on the Plains school board, I believe the toughest challenge we face is how do we provide our students with the highest level of education and have successful extracurricular programs, but at the same time, maintain a fiscally conservative approach?

NAME: Karrie Shinnick-Lulack

OCCUPATION: Administrator at Block Mountain Slate and Stone, Inc.

1. What is unique about you that would benefit the school board?

I come from a dynamic family background and have innovative ideas. I have confidence that I can contribute intelligent and sensible solutions when it comes to problem solving. I feel it is imperative to support our school system and help provide our students with a strong foundation so they can attain their best possible future.

2. What do you think makes a school board successful?

I believe a group of individuals who are capable of clearly communicating at all levels of honesty, able to coordinate, also plan and follow through makes the most effective board.

3. What is your vision for education in your community?

My vision would be to help create a defined direction and a clear plan that supports both the school and students.

4. What are the current challenges facing education and school boards?

Budget issues and funding. Student discipline standards and enforcement. Getting community input on issues in a productive manner. Safety measures, such as student expulsion practices and the presence of local law enforcement. These issues not only apply to our school but also nationwide.

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NAME: Monica Weedeman

OCCUPATION: Work at Colyer Oil

A Plains graduate that has all three of my children enrolled. I feel it is very important to know the community you represent. It is very important to be able to work with others and make a decision based on all the facts presented. I applaud the current board members in their efforts in dealing with the current virus situation. It is a bigger challenge than anyone anticipated. I feel it is important to value current leadership and listen to their board experiences. I am not out to make big changes I am interested in maintaining a great school for our children.


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