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OUR VIEWPOINT: Efforts are working


Staying at home so much makes us a little anxious. Thankfully we have plenty of outdoor space to explore in Sanders County. We can practice social distancing while still getting fresh air.

Yes, it makes us a little antsy to not be in our normal routine, but here's the thing — it's working. As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 50 people had recovered from coronavirus in Montana. The curve is flattening. We still didn't have a confirmed case in Sanders County. More than likely, the virus is in the community and someone hasn't been tested. But efforts by Montanans and our neighbors and families are working.

Eventually, we will have a case in Sanders County. Someone you know will be infected with the virus. These efforts we continue to make are worth it to help slow the spread and make sure that people have access to care. Clark Fork Valley Hospital, medical clinics, first responders and essential businesses are doing their part, and we need to continue to do ours by doing everything we can to stay safe and healthy.


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