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Uniting communities


April 16, 2020

Being part of a small community definitely has large rewards. These communities are appealing because people tend to “look out” for one another and “have each other’s backs.” Fortunate for many of us, we live in one of the many small communities in Sanders County; Dixon, Hot Springs, Plains, Thompson Falls, Trout Creek, Noxon or Heron. Regardless of your residence, the quaintness usually exudes feelings of unity.

Unity - the state of being united or joined as a whole (defined by Google’s dictionary). With this definition, it appears that everyone, despite their religion, race, opinions or beliefs, is joined as one. It is no secret that people have different outlooks on the world and handle things differently based on their life experiences.

It is important to remember when someone does things differently than you would, it does not mean they are ill intended. Now would be a good time to sit back and try to appreciate and celebrate the differences between each one of us. These differences in opinions and beliefs are the very things that make these small communities strong and worth uniting.


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