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Greenhouse is a family affair


Shana Neesvig

GENERATIONS IN BLOOM – The Totzauer's, Michael, Beverly, Steve, and Morgan (front to back), have recently opened Wood and Petal, a greenhouse and nursery north of Trout Creek.

As we dust the thin layer of bright-yellow pollen from our windshields each morning, three generations of the Totzauer family have been busy taking advantage of the season by offering a grand opening of Wood and Petal, a new retail greenhouse located at 2631 Highway 200 just north of Trout Creek.

"Everyone this side of the bridge is ecstatic!" exclaimed Steve, son of 91-year-old Michael and 85-year-old Beverly. They opened their doors last week and have seen Noxon and Trout Creek customers aplenty, they shared. Mother's Day was the goal opening date, but they were ready a week earlier so figured, why not go for it.

"We are basically striving for good quality and customer service," said Beverly, who her son claims is the basket and container maestro. She arranges hanging and setting displays that showcase what the family claims to be full of color, beauty, and originality. "We have plants that are unusual for the area, strange things like dragon tongue bean and pumpkin on a stick," she said, "that grows tiny pumpkins, but they cannot be eaten."

The greenhouse features over 4,000 plants ranging from decorative florals to edibles. These are plants Michael said they started from seed, not ordered in from somewhere else. Outside the greenhouse, there are shrubs and trees that are ordered in, but cared for by Wood and Petal.

Wood and Petal itself took the family about one year to develop, although Steve commented that he has other family members in the same business, so technically, they are seasoned nursery operators and have been gaining ground on the nursery for years.

"We have had lots of businesses throughout our lives," claimed Steve, who started his first dry wall business when he was 18. "We came here (Trout Creek) to retire but were sitting around one day and decided one last business adventure – the greenhouse. This is their baby," he said, referencing his parents.

"It keeps us working so we won't die young. It is all family," Beverly shared, "and it is all for fun. We love plants!"


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