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MAY 27, 1920


Say Power Company’s Dam Stops Fish From Ascending River

A.L. Anderson, deputy game warden, went to Superior, Mineral County, last week to investigate complaints made by some of the citizens there as to the breaking of the game law. One complaint states that since the construction of the Thompson Falls Power company dam, char or bull trout do not ascend the river to that point on account, as the complaint states of an insufficient fish ladder at our dam. We do not know how the fish ladder works but we do know that our home sportsmen feel that the char is the greatest enemy to the trout, and were very indignant when the legislature passed a law which forbids taking them with grab hooks. One community wants them and the other does not.

My how things have changed! Bull trout used to be considered a menace to the trout and people didn’t want them in the river. Fishermen back in those days would use big triple grab hooks to drag them out of the water trying to reduce the population. Now they are a protected endangered species.

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MAY 21, 1970


By Lenora Brown – Hot Springs

Work on the Corona Ski road after a short delay, was started Tuesday from the top down, coming out through the school section, west of town. Originally it was planned to go through the mill yard. All directors of the chamber of commerce felt that this was an open road into the mill and beyond into allotments of several of the tribe. As Gaylon Owens and John Slack, and the contractors arrived at the mill, they were stopped by a locked gate and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Maillet of Dayton, Ed Maillet of Hot Springs, owners, of the land, and Ed Magera, who has the land leased.

After some conversation, Harold Mitchell of the Tribal Council was notified. He hurriedly came to Hot Springs, as he too had felt all had been in readiness. But after two meetings, no settlement was reached with the Maillets, the equipment was moved out and taken over the old cut-off road to Plains. The school section which will allow the road to come into town, will be about one mile further, and will come out near Dr. Frank Campbell’s home.

The original contract for the road was $13,900, half to be paid by the chamber. They will also be responsible for maintenance of the road. The Tribal Council has agreed to furnish all necessary right-of-ways and to pay half the cost of construction.

This is the culmination of eight years of work and cooperation by the Tribal Council and the towns people to further the recreational facilities of Hot Springs.


The class valedictorian, Rita Kraus and salutatorian, Sandra Sellmer, will speak at the commencement exercises. Miss Kraus is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Krays, Jr. of Trout Creek and Miss Sellmer is the daughter or Mr. and Mrs. William Sellmer of Heron.

Other members of the graduating class are Lola Behmerwohld, George Berenchik, Rodney Brooking, Shirley Chalmers, Peggy Engelke, Erol Erensel, Kathy Harker, Jake Johnson, Carole Kennedy, Joel King, Daralyn Kline, Roger McLinden, Bryan Mercer, Deborah Quinn, Rick Robbins, Daryl Rogers, Bruce Stone, Mary Stover, Annette Vanek, Deborah Vinsant, Lorri Vinsant, Gale Vohs, Cleve Zigan.


The 1970 graduating seniors of Thompson Falls High school are Louise Baier, George Jackson, Dianne Stout, Michael Shear, Lila Garrett, Lynne Cuddy, Barbara Newell, Don Thompson, Pam Shoemaker, Barabra Ressler, Sherrie Gunn, Kelly Collins, Sylvia Repp, Dave Gerstenberger, Marilyn Stipe, Rose Marie Russell, Carolyn Nelson, Steve Patton, Candy Bloom, Dorcas Soule, Donna Hill, Tom Benton, Janet Reeser, Dan Larson, Linda Cunningham, Bonnie Stephanson, Susan Kraus and Dan Nap.

Co-valedictorians are Susan Kraus and Dave Gerstenberger. The two are tied for scholastic honors with 27 A and two B grades for semester work during their high school careers. An honor cord will be given to Sodi Repp as the third ranking scholar of the 1970 seniors.

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