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By John Dowd 

Should masks be mandatory in the state of Montana?


Lacy Wieckowski,

Thompson Falls - “I do believe that masks should be mandatory. As long as it’s worn properly it should help prevent the spread.”

Jeff Suttorp,

Thompson Falls - “Mask wearing should be up to the individual if they like it for their own safety. I am all for the hand sanitizer and stuff though.”

Mary Kay Notsch,

Plains - “I think making masks mandatory is against our Constitution and we would be forced to do something that I do not believe is appropriate. Plus, I believe that for children being made to wear a mask is insanity. I believe that if you’re sick, stay home.”

Libby Cooke,

Victor, Idaho - “I don’t think masks should be mandatory. I think people can social distance without them just fine.”

Chris Shahon,

Somers, Montana -

“Absolutely not, there is no proof that they help anything. Honestly, when I have to wear one, I don’t like it and you can’t hear people talk. I feel like it’s a claustrophobic thing.”

Zane Styers,

Piedmont, North Carolina - “I believe that masks should be made mandatory in public areas, because you cannot control the spread of germs and you can’t regulate people’s personal lives at home. The ultimate concern is to be considerate of others more than yourself.”


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