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Trouble in Paradise

Letter to the Editor


To whom it may concern:

None of this Paradise sewer project has been politically correct! Received two letters in the mail within days of each other. The second one says you sign this letter, or you pay anyways. Sounds like blackmail to me!

The sign at the Paradise post office was on a recipe card and evidently the other notices were in The Ledger! Why didn’t they put them in our local paper, the Valley Press? I believe they didn’t want people to see them! So, the people wouldn’t have enough time to protest and understand what was going on. Some shady crap now.

The fact of the matter is there are some that need new sewers. They should put in a sewer on their property and not penalize a whole town for 40 years. I looked at every person at that meeting and told them everyone in this room will be dead before it’s ever paid off. A lifetime levy on the backs of 60 or 70 homeowners.

And this was a vote for homeowners that live in the Paradise town limits. One vote was thrown out because it wasn’t in the town limits. So how does one person get 49 votes! And doesn’t even live in the town limits!!

There is no money base in Paradise. Most live on small social security and no wiggle room. So yes, this is a burden on the town.

The commissioners are supposed to help the people. You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip if there’s none.

It sounds like to me there’s been some back alley deals going on the past year and a half. A big company, commissioners and one person.

That’s why there’s been a big push to get all of us shut down!

So read last week’s article in The Ledger. Paradise sewer! Looks like to me some shady deals have already been made.

It’s my understanding when you put a big subdivision in, right across the street, the town gets a say so. At least that’s what DEQ states. The people have a say on the quality of life! It is their right!

So since it sounds and looks like that is what the big rush is all about, a big subdivision, I want the commissioners to stop the sewer project. And if not, find the money for the levy. Get that million dollars off of the backs of the people in Paradise. Their job is to help the people, not make them loose their homes!!

Do your job. Listen to the people.

Where’s all the good decent people! Honor, a man’s word. Means nothing anymore. I’ll have to tell you, being honest and truthful, is a dying science.

Lee Ann Overman,



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