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By John Dowd 

Question of the Week

Do you think Sanders County needs more affordable housing?



Thompson Falls -

“Yes. There’s too much of the buying of the land with a house put on it, which raises the property tax and the local first time home owners are not able to afford that cost. There isn’t any housing in town because most of those are rentals and the rent is astronomical for the amount of pay in this area. It’s not balanced out at all.”


Plains - “Well I think the county needs more affordable housing, especially for people who come into the county.”

GENE WARREN, Plains - “I think so, because people are looking for place in Plains that they can’t afford. There are new houses being built but I don’t think 'affordable' would be the word.”

PEGGY HERMES, Missoula - “Yes, because I don’t think there is anything available to rent. Its pretty limited anymore.”


Thompson Falls - “Yes, I do, just so more working-class people can afford to stay here.”

GARY HENSLEY, Thompson Falls - “I think there needs to be, especially for low-income people. Seems like most of them are stuck at the Manor and they can’t find a decent house.”


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