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Take care of each other


Dear Editor,

Today I went into True Value Hardware in Thompson Falls and all the employees were wearing masks. I told them how much I appreciated that and it made me want to shop there.

This is notable because I, who try and support our local businesses as much as possible, have been shopping on-line and in other counties whose stores have stricter protocols for the pandemic because I am not feeling safe in much of Sanders County. Yes, I’ve gone to other, more virus-affected areas because I feel safer - just because of masks and more awareness on the part of businesses and patrons.

In this county there is a wide view on how to deal with the coronavirus, and I’m not interested debates over whether masks make us safer - I’ve already read those heated discussions on our on-line county forums. The point for me is I have to FEEL safer to want to live more freely. I have to feel safe to go into your place of business (or mine), or I won’t take the chance because my household is of higher risk.

There are lots of ways this county can help keep our residents safer during this pandemic. Wearing a mask is neither pleasant nor convenient, but I do at work and I do in town because no matter how much or little it benefits, it adds to the level of awareness and a sense of safety.

I do believe that all these safety measures - masks, hand washing and social distancing -are important for keeping our most vulnerable residents safe during this time. I encourage all of us, especially businesses, to take care of each other so that we can continue to have a county with minimal impact in the months to come.

Cheri DesMarais,

Trout Creek


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