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Tribal law enforcement should be a priority


To the CSKT Tribal Council:

After reading page 2 of the June 25, 2020 edition of the Char-Koosta News that explains how the COVID-19 telief funds allocated to our tribe is going to be distributed, I became quite alarmed as an elder of the tribe. I was shocked to see that there was apparently no substantial funds directed to the Tribal law enforcement department. It saddens me to think that the Council does not think this should be the number one priority for financial aid.

We have tribal members murdering each other, missing people, numerous suicides, abused elders and children, Gang infiltration, and a significant meth or other addiction problems that is destroying us as a tribal nation!

Historically and culturally Native Tribes have had warriors who protected and defended the women, children, and elders of their tribes. Tribal Law Enforcement employees are our modern-day warriors! Who else is there? Are they perfect? No, as not one of us is. Remember that fire departments and ambulance services depend on them, too.

Please reconsider your decisions on the allocation of this money! Tribal law enforcement critically needs financial aid to train and hire more employees, purchase equipment, etc. to meet the increasing demand for their services. You set all of these mandates for COVID-19 but you don’t have the ability to really enforce them because of lack of available law enforcement.

What’s the point?

Jolene Frey,



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