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Avoiding a vicious cycle


August 6, 2020

As I read of the use of federal officers sent to Portland against the wishes of the Governor of Oregon and the Mayor of Portland for the purpose of “protecting federal property,” I thought of these words from the Declaration of Independence enumerating one of the reasons for rejecting the rul...

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Reader Comments(1)

newjlg7 writes:

Law and order is a cornerstone of a safe and happy society. Your analysis is one that is based in safety. It it was your house that anarchists were trying to burn I am sure you would be begging on your hands and knees for help form your government. Maybe you are less educated on the subject. Please watch the Youtube channel: All Gas and No Brakes for an unbiased opinion of these happenings. One thing I am sure of is the mobs goal is to abolish property ownership-and that means yours.


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