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Question of the Week

Do you think schools should allow spectators sports events this year?


August 20, 2020

JAMES CROWDER, Thompson Falls - “It’s a free country, yes we should be allowed to. The smart thing would be not to go, however.”

MARGARET JUNEMAN, Thompson Falls - “The question is, will there be sports?”

WYATT SORREL, Corvallis, Montana - “I believe people should be allowed to go to events. People need to get out and they don’t need to be locked up in their houses. We still got to live our lives, we can’t be cooped in, but definitely keep those precautions in mind.”

TONY LYGHT, Thompson Falls - “I think they should allow people to go to sports, like high school sports, so long as there isn’t a big outbreak. It’s really important to the kids.”

JAMIE ELLUL, Thompson Falls - “If I had a kid in school I would definitely want to be there, but since schools have just opened up and there are nine cases I don’t know.”

WEBB BROWN, Thompson Falls - “Yes, I think they should be able to, with all the proper precautions. You have to have the fan interaction, and the players need to know there’s someone there to see.”


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