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Whitefish CU wears Wednesday crown

As the sun waned in the western sky quickly dropping toward Flat Iron Ridge, this was the last men’s league golf war that would be waged on Wednesday night at our own natural treasure at River’s Bend, this historic, socially distant year of 2020.

And the winners of the 2020 River’s Bend swan song round were Ron Beaty, Rick Kendall, Rusty Sharp, Randy Hojem and Chuck Manry – those guys who played Wednesday Night Men’s League championship golf for Whitefish Credit Union this summer - wrapping up the title with a playoff win last week. Whitefish CU defeated Ron’s Running Dinos on championship night Wednesday to claim the 2020 team title.

As Whitefish CU and the Dinos dueled it out for the title, only amongst themselves in their team pods like they have all season, the other Wednesday night team mixed it up (again, amongst themselves only) in a friendly scramble, and Hagedorn Land Surveying golfers Ryan Ostwald, Paul Flemmer, Randy Hagedorn, Rick Hagedorn and Bernie Groshong combined to club out a 29 to win that friendly competition.

Steve Clark (No. 1), Wally Gibe (No. 3) and Randy Hagedorn (No. 5) made chip-in shots part of their Wednesday night swan-song rounds.


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