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By John Dowd 

Question of the Week

Do you think the events of 9/11 still affect people today?


September 10, 2020

FRANCIS AULD, Elmo - “I think it still does, and that peoples’ patriotism ignites when that day comes. There are some people that let it phase past them and they will say that it happened already, why don’t we forget about it. but I’m hoping that in the country our patriotism and our awareness remains very awake.”

ELLEN FRYER, Plains - “Yes, in I think it mostly impacted the safety of our country and the travel industry. Hopefully someday patriotism will be as strong again as it was on that day.”

PRENTISS CAMPBELL, Plains - “9/11 is still affecting us today, and it will probably, in my opinion, affect us for 100 years in the future.”

JOHN SHERIDAN, Plains - “I feel like 9/11 is still affecting us because it is part of the political process that has been going on for a long time. It would be nice for us to continue the path of patriotism.”

STEVE INGERSOLL, California - “I think they do. If you think back on it, it was such a tragedy that it’s something you can’t take out of your mind. That’s a permanent imprint.”

DEE INGERSOLL, California - “For me, it made me love my country for how it made people come together. I wish more of us would come back together.”


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