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Strong women influence us all


September 24, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsberg fought for equality not just for women, but for all Americans. She reached celebrity status for her ability to stand up for human rights.

With the passing of Ginsberg, the Supreme Court Judge, it has us thinking about strong women who have influenced us throughout the years.

My first job out of college was at The Herald in Everett, Washington. I had family in the area, but my work buddies at the daily newspaper became my family. One of my coworkers was Theresa Goffredo. She was a reporter and then a night city editor, and with me as a copy editor and designer, we would often be the last ones in the newsroom on the evenings.

Through those late nights grew a friendship, but Theresa also became a role model. She was a New Yorker who ended up marrying a farm boy from Royal City, Washington. I loved hearing her stories from the big city. I loved getting to know her family. I loved when she would stand up to others in the newsroom because she knew something was the right thing to do and wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

She was determined and if she could help someone, she would. She shared her struggles with infertility, and the eventual birth of her son Dashiell in 2003, with Herald readers in a very personal series.

Theresa died of cancer in 2013. But just like Ginsberg, she left a legacy. Whether you change the world or you inspire a young copy editor, being a strong female role model is no small feat. — Annie Wooden


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