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Poor elected representation


September 24, 2020

On September 4, I sent the following letter to Noxon School Board Trustee Chris Stough. It should be noted Stough is running for county commissioner.

“There is talk that your children no longer attend Noxon Public Schools. If this is not the case, please disregard my question.

If it is true, why have you lost confidence in the school’s ability to provide an education, so much so that you took this drastic measure?

You highlighted the fact you are a parent during your school board campaign and in your bid for county commissioner you are touting your work on the board.

Your campaign site states you are a “natural problem solver” and committed “to listening to the community members and engaging in efforts to improve...Sanders County.”

As a resident (and voter) in both jurisdictions I’d like to know what problem(s) you identified that led you to withdraw your children from school and as a board member what are you planning to do to rectify the problem(s) in our schools for those students still enrolled.

Again, if it’s not true, my bad. You might want to put out a statement to squelch all of the rumors that are swirling around the community.

Have a good holiday weekend.”

I have yet to get a reply. If he’s suffering personal hardship perhaps he should resign from the school board and suspend his commissioner bid to address the problem. If not, I wish he’d be more engaged in his current office before attempting to hold another. I know I’ll be voting to re-elect Tony Cox. I have always found him to be committed to “listening to the community members and engaging in efforts to improve...Sanders County.”

Andrew Cabaccang,



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