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Vote for candidates willing to work hard


October 8, 2020

The 2020 election is pivotal to our liberty, individual rights and security. This is the time to push back and not allow our country and communities to be fundamentally transformed by some who hate this great land and our freedoms. We owe it to our children and their children to give them a future with leaders who cherish our way of life, the right to life, the ability to speak freely, worship openly, bear arms, pay less taxes, and are committed to limit government intrusion.

We need to elect members of our community who have courage under pressure; who put the best interest of people above self-interest; is honest and willing to work hard; is transparent, willing to listen and think objectively.

I am voting for the following candidates because they possess all these qualities and much more:

Jennifer Fielder, Montana Public Service Commissioner; Paul Fielder, State Representative; Chris Stough, Sanders County Commissioner; Bob Brown, State Senator.

Mary Reed,

Trout Creek


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