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By John Dowd 

How do you stay active during the winter months?


January 7, 2021

Stephaney Hutchings,

Thompson Falls -

“I drive around and take photos. I shoot landscapes and like leaves, pinecones whatever.”

Shane Robins,

Thompson Falls - “We love playing outside: snowmobiling, snowboarding, snowball fights. The kids are in winter sports too, so we’re constantly busy.”

Grant Bailey,

Trout Creek - “I like to reload bullets, take care of my horses and chop firewood.”

Skyler Mcknight,

Thompson Falls - “To keep active in the winter months I do a lot of woodworking and shop.”

Andina Markuson,

Thompson Falls - “Playing outside with the kids.”

Melissa Totzauer,

Trout Creek - “I keep in shape by working on my feet every day, and when there is hard water we go ice fishing.”


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