By John Dowd 

Question of the Week

What did you learn from last week's windstorm?


January 21, 2021

Jordan Fisher, Thompson Falls - “One thing I have learned from last week’s storm is there is always someone willing to lend a hand, no matter what, especially in a small community.”

Terry Harris, Thompson Falls - “What I learned from the storm this last week was I’m grateful for friends and family that come by and help. To the people who brought generators and food and oxygen bottles to keep the oxygen flowing in our home.”

Betty Reichert, Thompson Falls - “To have a full tank and have at least five extra gallons in the garage.”

Chesney Lowe, Thompson Falls - “I learned that it is very important to be prepared for situations like this and to have what you need in advance.”

Jody Detlaff, Thompson Falls - “I’ve learned that it is important to be prepared and to have extra stuff just in case you ever need it.”

Shirley Lucas, Packwood, Washington - “From the storm I learned that propane stoves are not necessarily the answer. We thought we'd have heat from the oven and cook the food on the burners, but it is an electric start, and we were just like the rest of the people.”


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