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Take a stand against HB 102


January 28, 2021

Sanders County Ledger readers should let their legislative senator (Bob Brown) know that they are not in favor of HB 102. This bill would allow college students to keep guns in their dorm rooms, classrooms, music events, and with them on campus. The addition of guns adds an unnecessary danger in a time young adults are already experiencing big changes. These years are too transitional, suicide too prevalent. If they want a place to keep hunting rifles, campus security will store them.

This bill would also allow concealed loaded firearms without a permit across the state. That means no screening and no training. Really. They would now be allowed in bars and restaurants. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that alcohol and guns don’t mix. Montana’s current concealed carry gun law is working. Why change it? There is little time. Use this link: to contact the senate judiciary committee.

Lynne Rosdahl Dickman,



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