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Polarizing political agenda


Does it seem a bit ironic that Blackstone’s recent column titled “Political agendas get in the way” (February 11, 2021) is based on promoting the political agenda of the right-wing media?

The pro-Trump media’s defense of Trump’s indefensible behavior is based on a technique called “whataboutism.” Since there is no credible justification for Trump’s many lies and attempts to overturn the election, the focus of this defense is on trying to claim that the Democrats are somehow worse. But even if the exaggerated claims about Democrats were true, should we consider that as a good excuse for Trump’s attempts to violate our constitution and the peaceful transfer of power?

Notice the defense here is that inciting riots based on lies is OK because everybody does it. Is this a political agenda to aspire to?

It is understandable that many people found Trump, the great showman, appealing in the beginning. But many Trump supporters have been slowly dragged into a dark corner, where every opponent is portrayed as a vile character intent on destroying our country, and where even wholesale lying and violating our constitution is excusable if Trump does it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we wish The Ledger would provide voices that are more respectful of a diversity of opinions, and less prone to amplifying an adversarial and polarizing political agenda.


Deb Achatz, Daisy Carlsmith, Doug Ferrel,

Erich Pfalzer, Trout Creek

Dave Coupal, Bonnie Reishus, Noxon

Donna Maughlin, Plains

Honanai and Jean Polequaptewa, Alice and John Wozniak, Thompson Falls


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