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More residents should get involved


March 18, 2021

In the last several weeks, we have had letters to the editor and articles regarding a proposed Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance. A group of residents approached the county commissioners about a possible ordinance.

Whlie the commissioners chose not to pursue an ordinance designating Sanders as a Second Amendment sanctuary county, it was inspiring to see the level of interest residents took in local government. Dozens of people attended meetings at the courthouse to discuss the matter, and dozens more sent letters to the commissioners both in support of and opposition to the proposed ordinance.

Sometimes you hear people complaining about laws or actions by government. Sometimes we ask them what they can do about it. The Second Amendment issue brought people out on both sides, getting them involved in decisions made at the local level.

This year in several school districts there are multiple board candidates. It is a positive step that residents are wanting to get involved. Many times races will be uncontested and schools or special districts have to actively search for people to join them. There are two school districts — Dixon and Hot Springs — in which no candidates have filed for open school board positions. With a week left until the filing deadline, we hope residents will reconsider and take an active role in matters that affect our children, the quality of their education, and how our tax dollars are spent.

Participation at the local level helps everyone. It's how progress is made. If you want to see change, be a part of the change and get involved.


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