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E-waste recycling event set for June 5

Rain or shine, the county will be hosting its annual E-waste recycling event at the Sanders County transfer site in Thompson Falls June 5 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Interested participants can drop off old computers, printers, phones and any other unwanted electronics on this day.

Since 2014, the county has worked diligently to keep used electronic waste out of the landfill. Each year as popularity of the event increases, accumulation of electronic waste in the county decreases. Kathy Conlin, organizer of the event, said last year they were able to recycle over five tons of electronics. With assistance from Dusti Johnson, DEQ materials specialist, and Matt Elsaesser, owner of 406 Recycling, the event recycled 11,186 pounds of unwanted material.

Conlin says the event wouldn't be possible without DEQ, as they are the organization who supplies the license. They also assist Conlin with organizing and will be at the event to help at the drop off site. DEQ will be sponsoring all the costs this year, even for larger electronics, making the event completely free.

Alongside the community, Sanders County schools will again be participating in the event. The transfer site holds a competition every year and challenges the schools to bring in all their unwanted electronics. The school that brings in the most waste to recycle will win an award from DEQ.

For more information, call 827-6942.


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