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By John Dowd 

Prophecy presentation set for June 8



For over 30 years, Ken Roudybush has been giving a Bible prophecy presentation which he calls his "prophecy update." This month, he will give his presentation in Sanders County for the first time. According to Roudybush, the presentation speaks about events that show that Bible prophecy has passed. One example he gave was that of Daniel 12:4, which he said speaks about the increase of knowledge and travel. He applied this to today, explaining how that time is now and every morning we wake up. Roudybush said discoveries, and the entire content of human knowledge, grows leaps and bounds every day.

Roudybush will present his prophecy update at Gospel Mountain Assembly of God church in Thompson Falls on Tuesday, June 8. A spaghetti feast will be held at 5 p.m. with the presentation starting at 6 p.m. According to Roudybush, the presentation is meant to "give people an answer to what is going on in the world today" and "introduces people to God's word." Roudybush said those concepts were big factors in his religious turning point. He explained that he has been born again since the age of 31. Roudybush says other churches and counties are interested in having him give his presentation.

The presentation will focus largely on a question-and-answer segment. "They are going to hear things in there that they probably have never heard before," said Roudybush, describing why having the audience participate is so important. During this segment, Roudybush explained that he will attempt to tie questions into scripture, and during the whole presentation he will work toward some of the most prevalent current events. "I don't force anyone to do anything. That is not what the Bible does. I just show them the way. Everyone has free will, all the way, to decide for themselves."

Roudybush moved to the Thompson Falls area in 2020, though he and his wife have owned the property since 1991. He was a county employed financial analyst for 20 years in both California and Oregon. Roudybush also taught at Vanguard University of Southern California. Roudybush and his wife found that they did not like the political or social environment in either state, and they felt as if they were getting old and wanted to see what else was out there. According to Rudybush, with some guidance from God, they found that they could finally move to Thompson Falls.


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