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Shopping and socializing


My mom and I went to a few garage sales last weekend. I ended up getting a few things I probably didn't really need. After going through my own things to contribute to our church's garage sale this weekend, I was trying not to take more stuff home.

More than searching for those amazing finds and deals, trekking to yard sales is a fantastic social event. We saw people last weekend that we hadn't seen in quite a while. I hadn't driven past the fire station up Cherry Creek Road in a couple of years, and it was amazing to see the new houses and growth in the area.

Many people were chatting about this week's county-wide Sanders Sale-ing event. The event is coordinated by the Thompson Falls Main Street organization. This event includes the entire county, from Heron to Dixon to Hot Springs. Almost 90 groups, families and individuals signed up to host sales. Robin Hagedorn with Thompson Falls Main Street has put in countless hours to organize with this event and make sure sellers and buyers have the information they need to have a successful weekend.

There will be hundreds of visitors to Sanders County this weekend, and we will welcome them with the friendliness and hospitality that our area has come to be known for. While this weekend is about selling and buying and socializing, the increased traffic will offer a much-needed boost to our hotels, stores, restaurants, gas stations and other businesses.

Happy summer, and happy sale-ing!


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