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New year, new beginnings


January 6, 2022

A new year brings new beginnings. As always, it’s time to let the weight of the past go, to make room to carry what tomorrow may bring. This time of the year, work slows down quite a bit, which allows me the opportunity to recuperate from the busy holiday season. I find it interesting that as soon as that clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, my head wanders right along to spring. I’m done with the snow; I’m done with the cold and I want to start planning for warmer weather. I’m sure I’m not alone in this endeavor.

While it is important to let the past go, I have a bad habit of dwelling on everything that went wrong last year. It’s true; loss is inevitable and I’ll never tire of saying that. But as soon as I pick that thought up, I put it down and continue on this little homesteading journey of mine.

The excitement of seed catalogs showing up at the post office, imagining what different breeds of chickens I will stumble upon this year and not to mention, the addition of the four new honey bee hives that will be added to this little homestead in the spring are all thoughts that will help me out of this winter slumber as the new year begins.

I feel as though I should also mention the chickens and the ducks do not like these colder temperatures. Albeit a controversial topic, the chicken coop is heated. I’m noticing this year, the older ladies are staying in bed and sleeping in, while the younger ladies venture out into the snowy terrain. As soon as they get their after breakfast snack, right back into the warm coop they go. I am still getting about five eggs a day, but it’s safe to say the birds are ready for some warmer weather as well.

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