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Role of a school board trustee


April 21, 2022

By election of the community that resides within each school district, a trustee is granted the authority to be the voice, or the link, between the community and the school administration – the superintendents and principals; the teaching staff and assistants. By vote of the electorate, the trustee is awarded the public’s trust to represent their values and principles to set specific educational goals, establish school district policy, develop fiscal budgets, plan student services, engage parent involvement and, most importantly, adopt sound and proper curriculum. It is not the role of teachers unions, such as MFPE, to influence or override the trustee’s dutifully elected tasks!

So please carefully weigh your decision when you cast your vote for a school board trustee. Participate with the monthly school board meetings and other school-related community activities. Take part in the investment you as a voter and property taxpayer have made in your school district.

Kathleen Hassan,

Trout Creek


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